The Pest Die 爆笑企業蟲光光


Title:爆笑企業蟲光光 / The PestDie

Genre: edutainment

Format: 1 min *100Episodes

Target Audience: Aged 18-25

符號: Internet Channel


1.故事大綱 / Synopsis


Mr.Chu is the ambitious owener of PestDie Company. He wants to make it an international corporation by promoting his bug sprays around the world. The company managements-dual of one upstraight fat guy and a quirky long-hair attorney, leading a group of dull staffs wearing sunglasses day and night. Though it’s internationalization that Mr.Chu has in mind, but what his staffs di are always the contrary – try to lie down on job, or invent strange bug sprays to kill a mosquito flying in the company, all lead to a disastrous ending.

2.商業計劃 / Business Plan

*Animation Series

*iPad / iPhone interactive Books

*Web Game


*The Licensing Products


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