Little Doo 杜小德





Title:杜小德都曉得 / Little Doo

Genre: edutainment

Format: 5 x 104 episode

Target Audience: Aged 0-6



1.故事大綱 / Synopsis

Little Do came from a prestigious family – as Dr Dolittle’s descendant, he is spending  the summer in the country, understand animal as his great great grandfather is his giant secret! He helps animal to solve their problems, with Tommy the hamster in his pocket to help him!  There are language guru Pollly, gourmet lover Gub-Gub, royal dog friend Jip, Chee Chee the Monkey who escape from the circus, Dab-Dab the duck  who have an opinion for everything, wise Dr. Owl Too-Too as his friends.  These are the story told and sang by he and his friends.



2.商業計劃 / Business Plan

*Animation Series

*iPad / iPhone interactive Books

*Web Game


*The Licensing Products

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