Hotel Carbonia 卡爾邦尼亞大飯店



Around the peaceful Hotel Carbonia, suddenly appears many unknown disasters     the temperature rise, heavy rain, reservoir water shortages, sea level rise and so on. However, no one knows what’s happened.  As the only guest of the hotel, the polar bear Bei Bei together with the hotel receptionist decide to investigate the factor of those strange phenomena.

卡邦劇照_02 卡邦劇照_05 卡邦劇照_第二批_01 卡邦劇照_第二批_09

■ Published: 2017

■ HD format

■ TA: Age 6-12

■ Genre: Comedy Drama

■ 21 Episodes / 2mins (Total:42mins)

■ Subtitle: Chinese / English

■ Language: Chinese

■ Soundtrack : Available for dubbing

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