Weather Boy ! 觀測站少年




As a son of a weatherman, Jamie, follows his father to a weather station in Switzerland where he is going for his further research. There is a weather simulation machine which can simulate and predict the weather of different time periods. However, one day while they are doing the research they saw a scene that looks like the end of the world. In the beginning they think it is due the technical malfunction, but eventually they realized it is not a machine problem, and the world will be full of disasters if people don’t change and protect the earth. So, they decide to take action immediately, and do their best to delivery this information to everyone to save the earth.


■ Published: 2014

■ HD format

■ TA:Age 5-10

■ Genre: Adventure Comedy

■ 13 Episodes  /  22 mins( total:286min)

■ Subtitle: Chinese / English

■ Language: Chinese

■ Soundtrack : Available for dubbing

2015年 台灣電視金鐘 動畫節目獎 年度最佳動畫節目

2015年 韓國首爾國際動畫影展 最佳動畫電影 入圍

2014年 亞洲電視節 最佳3D動畫片 / 評審團最佳推薦影片

2014年 美國氣候科幻(Cli-Fi) 最佳兒童電視動畫

2014年 中國國際動漫節金猴獎 動畫影集最佳潛力獎 入圍

2014年 韓國首爾Guro國際兒童影展 入圍

2014年 中國廈門國際動漫節金海豚 最佳動畫影集 入圍

2015 50th Golden Bell Awards / Best Animation Program

2015 Seoul International Cartoon Animation Festival / Best Feature Film (finalist)

2014 Asian Television Awards / Best 3D Programme (finalist)

2014 America Climate Fiction Awards / Best Children TV Animation

2014 10th Golden Monkey King Award/ Best Animated Series (finalist)

2014 Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival (finalist)

2014 The 7th Xiamen International Animation Festival / Best Animation TV Series  (finalist)






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