Aka’s Adventure 阿卡的冒險

SC11 (0-00-15-15)


An evil manager possesses both a weird virus and its antidote, and uses the virus to infect the world in a plot to gain personal benefit. Having grown up in a chicken coop, Aka looks different from the other chicks, he sets out on a journey to find out who he is. He meets a little boy who has the same name as his, but has been infected by the virus, while on his journey. The boy accidentally discovers the evil manager’s plot, and Aka possesses the secret to the antidote in his body. By following the clues, they ultimately reveal the manager’s evil nature, and successfully cure the virus.

SC19 (0-01-06-07) SC40 (0-01-01-16) SC43 (0-00-30-21)

■ Published: 2019

■ Format: 2K

■ TA: Age 6-15y, Family

■ Genre: Science fiction/ Adventure

■ Subtitle: Chinese / English

■ Language: Chinese

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