A Journey of Drug Discovery 藥藥欲試

EP16_sh0064 (00096)



This program is about a drug development team formed by A-Fa, Momo and Andy. A pharmaceutical company wants to develop drugs, but it is hard to predict whether the drug will be a success. The research fund and resource invested by the pharmaceutical company are also limited. Consequently, the pharmaceutical company renovated a building into the disease drug development center. A-Fa wants to develop drugs for Alzheimer’s disease here to impress the top management of the pharmaceutical company. Three people and one bird, making up an interesting team, have started a career of drug production. They enjoy the hardship despite the imposing twists and turns.

EP15_sh0076 (00074) EP09_sh0045-50 (00149) EP10_sh0046 (00022) EP10_sh0092 (00209)

■ Published: 2020

■ HD format

■ 17 Episodes / 5 mins( total running time:85min)

■ Subtitle: Chinese / English

■ Language: Chinese

■ Soundtrack : Stereo


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